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Case - Promyidi

Manufacture and online store of cosmeceuticals.
An online store of cosmeceuticals. This is cosmetics that combine pharmaceuticals and medical cosmetics.

ProMyidi was already our SEO client at the time of ordering the website. The old site had exhausted itself both from a technical and marketing point of view.

It made no sense to invest in the old site anymore.
  • UX/UI design
  • Site development
  • SEO promotion
  • PPC advertising
  • End-to-end analytics
  1. Rebranding
    • Develop a new corporate style
    • Retain the primary colors of the brand
    • Make it more modern
  2. Functional
    • Expand the functionality of the store
    • Develop elements of cross-sell, upsell, increase LTV
    • As a result, get a fully functional platform that will allow you to scale your business over the next 5-10 years
  3. SEO
    • When updating the site, the main task was to save all positions
    • After updating the site, get an increase in positions thanks to an increase in the quality of the site
    • Expand site structure to get more traffic = sales
  4. Advertising and analytics
    • Make end-to-end analytics that provide accurate sales data so that we can take into account ROI, ROAS of the site as accurately as possible
    • Improve advertising performance
    • Become a market leader in medicinal cosmetics in Ukraine
Project features

Project updates were carried out with a limited budget during the war in Ukraine, and it was decided to develop the website using the CMS WordPress.

WordPress & WooCommerce
CRM OneBox integration
Google Cloud &BigQuery
Home page

Two main tasks:


    • keep elements of the old brand
    • to convey that cosmetics have a therapeutic effect
    • give the brand uniqueness, so the first screen uses animation


Also, pay attention to the symmetry of all design elements

Product card

We paid special attention to the product card, which is one of the most important pages. The first screen of the product page is divided into several parts:


  • In the header, you can find the page navigator and a dual title in both the site's main language and English
  • On the left, there is a brief description
  • In the center, you'll find a large product photo
  • On the right, there are interactive elements essential for making an order


Please take note of the following elements: "Selection of cosmeceuticals online," "What is cosmeceuticals?," the "Shipping" section, cross-selling and upselling modules, as well as a unique product card description.

We have developed an intuitive, logical, and user-friendly interface for all current devices.
Other pages

Please note that the shopping cart is implemented in a side popup, which is very convenient on both mobile devices and large screens.


In addition, we added elements of cross -sale and upsale, which also significantly increased conversion.

Checkout process

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